HKRS aims to flight for living rights, respects and concerns for rabbits and also to minimize the number of abandonment. We hold campaigns and activities to promote knowledge and responsibilities of raising rabbits, caring to animal, respects of lives so that we can build a harmonious community between humans and animals. As we are a non-profitable organization, there are very limited resources, and we need volunteers’ support to facilitate our work, including campaign, social activities, caring service, education and other coordination. Besides participating in our different activities and services, what more important is a larger force could be formed on striving for better welfare to rabbits.

We are now recruiting new volunteers to have a greater help force on the increasing number of abandoned rabbits. Volunteers would be responsible for cage-cleaning, general care, foster family and other promotion campaign. We welcome people from all sectors to register in this new voluntary reward program namely. This is an opportunity for you to help those abandoned rabbits.

  • To encourage more people participating our campaign and to recognize the contribution of our volunteer, this year we are running an awarding scheme. This scheme is optional, it will award below awards based on number of hours of volunteer’s service-completion within one calendar year:

    - An appreciation certificate will be given to those who have competed 30 service hours or days; and
    - For those who have competed 200 service hours or days, you may also enjoy a *20% off-discount on our merchandise within the year after

    *20% off-discount – 20% off discount is applicable on regular-price stocks, excluding charity sales, discounted goods, grooming and boarding service; 10% off-discount for merchandise if local delivery is required.

    Terms and conditions:
    • After the first service, a volunteer reward handbook will be given to the volunteer.
    • The volunteer reward handbook must be bought back every time.
    • After service completion, duty staff or volunteer leader will stamp and sign on the handbook to give credit hours to the volunteer.
    • Credit hours would be given based on each completed hour, one stamp for each hour.
    • Volunteers should request for stamps immediately after the service of the day. Unless for special circumstances, the stamps will not be given afterwards.
    • During application stage, applicants may be required to have a trial section on cage-cleaning, the section will not be eligible for this awarding scheme’s calculation.
    • For applicants under foster family scheme, it will be counted based on number of days. For example, the foster family will need to accumulate up to 200 days to qualify for Premium Award.
    • Foster family should request for stamps when the foster rabbit is returned to us.
    • If the foster rabbit is adopted by the foster family eventually, the service days during foster period will become ineligible for qualification.

    Interested members (including both new and existing members are eligible for this scheme) should send completed forms to us by e-mail (, by fax (3580 0710) or by post (Workshop 303, Fuk Hong Industrial Bldg., 60-62 Tong Mei Road, Mongkok, Kowloon). Please indicate “volunteer application” for our references.

    Only for applicants aged 12 or above. Applicants who is aged 12 to under 16 should be accompained by an adult who is at least 18 years old.

    Remarks: We may use artworks, photos and articles from our registered and non-registered volunteers without further notification, unless agreed beforehand.

    Download "Volunteer Application Form"

    If you have already enrolled in the awarding scheme, you may refer to below services and time-schedule. And you could select your preferred time and services by sending e-mail to For new members, please return completed volunteer application forms to our office.

    Service Type Service Area Service Hours
    Cage Cleaning Helper Volunteers will be assigned to clean cages of one room. The whole process should take approximately 1 to 3 hours, dependent on the workforce and progress. On the first day, experienced staff or volunteers will provide a demonstration on the process of cage cleaning. Monday to Saturday– start at 10:30am
    Sundays and Statutory holidays, start at 12:30pm
    General Helper Helpers would need to be responsible for some general work, including distributing food, hay, water, feeding Critical Care, general cleaning, etc. Monday to Saturday
    Once every week (please specify which weekday in advance)
    6:00pm to 8:30pm (please specify time range)
    Duty Helper Helpers will need to perform general operation tasks, distributing food, hay, water, vegetable-washing, water-boiling, cage-cleaning (when cage-cleaning helpers are not sufficient). Helpers should also give medicine, Critical Care, answering enquiries, selling merchandise, vet-bed cleaning as well. Once every month on Sundays & Statutory Holidays, as roster specifies.
    From 12:00noon to 7:30pm (Until tasks completed)

    After completion of first day of service, please request for a volunteer handbook and credit stamps. The handbook should be presented for each time of stamp issuing. Volunteers should request for stamp crediting based on their service hours immediately after the service, otherwise credit stamps will not be given again afterwards. Hours in the trial section of cage-cleaning would not be eligible for stamp-redemption.

    Foster family should request for a handbook on the day that the foster rabbit is picked up. And the handbook should be presented when the foster rabbit is returned to our centre. Credit stamps will be awarded based on the duration of foster period. However, if the foster rabbit is adopted by the foster family eventually, the credit hours will be voided subsequently.