• Our foster scheme aims to provide thorough caring to abandoned rabbits before they are permanently adopted. As there are limited resources in our Welfare and Resources Centre, we hope this scheme can help to recruit experienced rabbit keepers to look after rabbits temporarily.

  • Criteria for fostering is detailed below:
    1. Our registered members can foster if they are aged over 21 and have permission from other family members.
    2. You need sufficient space and time to foster our rabbits and may need to keep them separated from other pets.
    3. If you have other pets, you must ensure that they are in good condition with no sign of disease, otherwise the disease may spread to our rabbits and cause cross infection.
    4. To ensure that the rabbit is being properly cared for, it is preferable if the fosterer keeps regular work hours.
    5. You need to give fresh water, hay and food to the rabbit every day.
    6. You need to allocate time every day to inspect the condition of the rabbit.
    7. The rabbit's daily accessories, for example, the cage, water bottle, food container and bedding material should be cleaned daily to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
    8. You need to take sole responsibility of the care of the rabbit yourself, rather than relying on other people.
    9. Rabbits can bite cables, plants, furniture or carpets, therefore these items should be stored out of reach of the rabbit or fenced off.

  • While the stay of each rabbit will depend on the arrangements the centre has made, you should prepare to be a fosterer for a minimum of 6 months. An agreement will be signed before the fostering arrangement begins.
    1. Satisfaction from improving the quality of live for our rabbits.
    2. A trial experience to see whether you enjoy caring for rabbits, without the long term commitment.
    3. An opportunity to live with and understand different rabbits, this can enrich your knowledge of them.
    4. An opportunity to involve family members in the shared responsibilities and enjoying it together.
    5. A chance to enjoy the joy of living with rabbits without bearing the cost.
    1. Only our members are eligible to become foster parents.
    2. All arrangements for fostering our rabbits are arranged by the HKRS.
    3. If the rabbit is later chosen for adoption, all adoption procedures will be processed by the HKRS.
    4. All interested applicants must first be vetted by our staff, participate in one session of voluntary work and attend one basic care training workshop in order to apply for fostering.
    5. Each foster parent is asked to report on the condition of the rabbit regularly.
    6. Our volunteers may also visit occasionally. If the rabbit is found to be neglected in any way or if we feel that the report does not truly reflect the condition of the rabbit we will terminate the foster programme and cancel membership.
    7. The daily necessities including food, cage, water bottles, food bowl, bedding, litter tray, nail clippers and combs will be provided by the HKRS. We will arrange a one off delivery at first but later on supplies will need to be collected from our office.
    8. If the rabbit becomes sick, the foster family should contact our staff immediately in order to provide the best treatment for the rabbit. Foster families need to act quickly to ensure medical treatment as soon as possible.
    9. The rabbit should be collected from and returned to our centre by the foster family.
    10. Unfortunately foster families will not be given special priority on the adoption of the fostered rabbit.
    11. Please do not transfer the rabbit to another location without first obtaining our permission. There is a chance that a sudden change of environment may unduly stress the rabbit and it may become ill.
    12. Unless permitted, foster families should not feed the rabbit with food they have bought from elsewhere.
    13. Foster families will not receive any monetary donation for fostering.
    14. After the foster service ends all items belonging to the HKRS, as described in point 6 should be returned to our centre within one month.
    15. We reserve the rights to the ownership, fostering or adoption of all fostered rabbits.
    16. Foster families must agree to these terms, as otherwise any volunteer qualifications may also be voided.
    17. We may change the terms and conditions of our fostering service without prior notice.
    18. This fostering service is only eligible within Hong Kong SAR.

  • Interested members should send their membership number; contact number and e-mail address to HKRS at (info@hkrabbit.org) or may come into our Welfare and Resource Centre to complete the application form. We shall conduct an initial assessment afterwards. If applicants fail to be contacted, please consider your application failed.