• When you decide to purchase a pet you need to carefully consider whether you can commit to the care of the animal for it's entire lifespan. Please seriously consider whether you can make such a serious commitment before you decide to care for an animal. The same consideration is required if you ever have to abandon your pet as this may have fatal consequences. Animal euthanasia is carried out on a large number of abandoned pets in Hong Kong every year. Unfortunately there are too many abandoned animals in Hong Kong to find a home for them all. HKRS regards pet abandonment as an extremely irresponsibleact, therefore unless there are sound and sufficient reasons, we strongly discourage the casual abandonment of pets.

    If you decide to give up your pet, please take the following into consideration:
    1. Please do not abandon your rabbit on the street or in the countryside. Tame rabbits do not possess the necessary survival skills and may be killed by dogs.
    2. Please do not leave your rabbit on a farm because farms cannot provide food, clean drinking water, medical attention or a safe and comfortable environment. Some farms receive rabbits that have not been sterilized resulting in large scale reproduction. So many rabbits living together may fight with each other and serious injuries can occur. These rabbits may carry disease or become sick quickly due to an inferior living environment and are less likely to receive medical attention, which may impact on their survival chances.
    3. Ask if any of your friends would be interested in caring for your rabbit. One benefit of this arrangement is the friend could come to you for information on the health and history of the rabbit, allowing the rabbit to receive the right treatment.
    4. Please contact us or other animal welfare organizations for further details regarding giving up your pet.
    5. If you wish to abandon your rabbit because of problems in keeping the rabbit please contact us or another animal welfare organization for guidance and advice.

  • You may seek a new owner for your rabbit with our help. Please follow the procedures below:
    1. The rabbit’s owner should apply directly to the HKRS in cases of abandonment; if another person is applying on your behalf an authorization letter should be provided. The application will be processed after verification.
    2. The information should include the name, contact number, residential address of the applicant or representative. The name, breed, colour, sex, age, characteristic of the rabbit as well as the reasons for abandonment must also be provided.
    3. You should ensure that the rabbit is in good condition, without any sickness or need for any long term medical treatment. If the rabbit does not pass this requirement, we may reject the application.
    4. We will choose the new owner from all our adoption applications and we reserve all rights on this arrangement.
    5. When you or your representative arrange the collection of the rabbit, you or your representative will be requested to sign several documents including an abandonment letter.
    6. The applicant or representative must provide details of the rabbit's diet, preferences, medical history and behavioral records. If the rabbit has any accessories or toys please hand them to us at the same time as this will help the rabbit adapt to it's new home more easily.
    7. After the applicant or representative has completed all documents, including the abandonment letter, the HKRS will have all rights on adoption arrangements.
    8. When the rabbit is eventually chosen for adoption, we will not disclose any information about the new owner.
    9. As there are limited spaces, we will contact the applicant before confirming a date for receiving the rabbit. If we are already full and unable to take the rabbit, we advice that the applicant applies again in the near future; usually between 1 to 3 months after the first application.
    10. The HKRS reserve the right to reject all applications. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification. Please refer to our website for the latest information.

  • To apply to abandon your rabbit at the HKRS, please send your name, phone number, recent pictures of your rabbit, it's name, breed, colour, sex, age, habits, reason for the abandonment and authorization-letter to us by mail at info@hkrabbit.org or call our office directly.

    For further enquiries please call us at 3580 0050.

    1. Our abandonment services are only available for residents within Hong Kong SAR.
    2. The application must be completed in advance with a confirmed date for collection. Please do not bring your rabbit to our office without confirmation, as we will be unable to accept your rabbit.

  • If you find an abandoned animal please call the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department at 1823 and provide details of the animal's location. A member of staff should arrive to provide assistance to the animal. At the same time, call HKRS and give us the case number for us to follow up with AFCD for proper arrangement of in-taking the rabbit to our Centre.