Our belief is to protect the rights of every rabbit. Every rabbit in our centre will be looked after in a warm and safe environment to ensure their good health and rebuild confidence and trust in humans. We hope that this ensures a more smooth transition in the future when the rabbits are eventually rehomed.

Unfortunately not every rabbit will find their new family easily. Many old, sick or disabled rabbits, as well as others that require long-term medical treatment or have a less pleasant appearance, face great difficulty in finding a new home. HKRS is committed to care for these special rabbits for the rest of their lives.

To deliver our promise, we need your kind help and support. Your donations help us to maintain our services and provide the basic needs to our abandoned rabbits and allow us to care for more in the future. Your precious donations will be used to buy food, daily living expenses and medical treatment - the basic needs to care for our homeless rabbits.


Cheque by post
Please send your donation form and cheque with "Hong Kong Rabbit Society Ltd." marked as the beneficiary.

Direct deposit to our bank accounts
Donations can be made through ATM machines, e-banking or your bank's branches for direct deposits. Please send us your deposit slip and donation form for our reference.
Bank of China: 012-7040001-6357
HSBC: 640-014387-001

Identifier: 167714088
*Payme customers can transfer to HKRS's bank account:
Bank of China

Donations can be made through PPS, by either phone or internet. Please register your 8-digit phone number as your bill number for our reference. Please send us your completed donation form with PPS payment reference for our records.
Our PPS merchant code: 9795

Paypal account or credit card can be used. Official receipt will send by requested. No need to mail the donation form to us.

Monthly Donation to HKRS

Donation to HKRS

Please send your completed corresponding bank's application forms for autopay authorisation together with your donation application form.

Official receipts can be provided for tax-deduction for donations over HKD 100.

Room 303, 3/F, Fuk Hong Industrial Building, 60-62 Tong Mei Road, Mongkok

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  • HKRS has always been helping each abandoned rabbit to find a permanent home, however not every rabbit is lucky enough to find a new owner. Most of those aged or chronically ill rabbits would have to stay in our Centre for the rest of their lives under our care and commitments.

    We are now launching a new sponsorship scheme named "God-Parent Sponsorship", to let you be part of this helping those homeless rabbits.

    Differences between God-Parents Sponsorship and adoption
    We understand there are plenty of people interested to help and look after those rabbits, but reasons like restrictions on time, living environment or experiences stops them to pursue adoption on the rabbits. Therefore, through this new scheme, people could now sponsor our rabbits which have been in our Centre for a long period of time or ill chronically, successful applicants would become sole "God-Parents" of the sponsored rabbits, and the sponsored rabbits will remain in our Centre or in our boarding families. If situation allows, “God-Parents” might apply for adoption to look after their rabbits eventually.

    Rights and Obligations of "God-Parents"

    1. There is a fixed monthly sponsorship – HK$300 per rabbit. The sponsorship must be done through autopay. Minimum sponsorship period would be one year; the sponsorship will be used on the food and other daily expenses of the sponsored rabbits. If the sponsorship is terminated, it will be treated as forgoing the sponsorship option and the rabbit will be available for new sponsorship.
    2. "God-Parents" should be liable for the medical expenses of the sponsored rabbits, receipts from vets should apply if available. If “God-Parents” fail to pay the expenses, it will be treated as forgoing the sponsorship option and the rabbit will be available for new sponsorship.
    3. "God-Parents" may visit their sponsored rabbits during our visit hours to give the rabbits love and care (2:00 to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday; 4:00 to 7:00 pm for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). Isolation gowns should be worn, if the rabbit is carrying communicable diseases. If the sponsored rabbits stay in boarding families, updates and latest photos of the sponsored rabbits will be provided instead. All disputes will be subjected to the final decision of HKRS.
    4. During sponsorship period, if there are suitable adopters for the sponsored rabbits, HKRS may notify the "God-Parents" by e-mail and cancel the sponsorship from the following month.

    How to apply
    Please send your name and contact number to us (info@hkrabbit.org), we will contact you as soon as possible.