• Before you decide to adopt, please consider the following:
    1. The life expectancy of rabbits is between 8 to 12 years; you must be prepared for this level of commitment.
    2. It is essential to spend time with your rabbits and interact with them, like talking to and petting them. You need to pay special attention to your rabbit’s physical condition and be aware of any signs of sickness.
    3. It is important to clean your rabbits' accessories (e.g. cages, water bottles, bedding) regularly and refill their food daily to ensure good health.
    4. Your rabbit's expenses, for example, the cage, food, hay, medical treatment should be budgeted for before you adopt.
    5. Rabbits need to exercise to stay healthy; they need to exercise out of the cages for around 4 hours a day.
    6. Rabbits like biting. Please remove harmful objects before setting the rabbit free, otherwise they may bite electric wires, plants and other harmful substances and swallow them.
    7. If your rabbit is sick, it should be treated by experienced rabbit friendly veterinarians only.
    8. If you have other pets, please ensure there will be no fighting and that they can live harmoniously.
    9. Rabbits reproduce easily, if you have a couple of rabbits please ensure that the rabbits are either separated or sterilized.
    10. If you live with other people, obtain their approval and make sure that they are not allergic to animals.
    1. Applicants must be above the age of 18. Adoption applications are only valid for HKSAR permanent residents living in Hong Kong. Any applications from organizations or groups will not be accepted.
    2. Before the application is approved, a home visit may be conducted.
    3. Applicants are required to provide their identity cards and also the true copy of proof of residence dated within the last three months after application approval. Applicants must also register for HKRS membership and fill out adoption agreement to finalize the adoption procedure.
    4. We reserve the right to reject applications. Terms are subject to change without further notice.
    5. Our staff carries out regular body checks on rabbits, if a rabbit is showing any symptoms they will be transferred to an experienced vet for treatment immediately. When applicants confirm their choice of rabbit, our staff will explain the rabbit’s condition. Applicants should understand that we may not be able to closely monitor the health of each rabbit in our centre. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the health of each rabbit particularly when obvious symptoms have not been previously found.
    6. Adopters need to understand that any medical expenses incurred after successful adoptions should be covered by the adopters themselves.
    7. All potential adopters must agree to the sterilization of the rabbit before the adoption procedure. The rabbit also needs to fully recover before the rabbit can be adopted.
    8. Some rabbits may have some behavioural problems when they first arrive their new homes, this may be caused by the stress of changing their living environment. We welcome any enquiries from adopters on a particular rabbit’s health, behaviour or any other issues. We are always happy to offer advice and assistance to rabbit lovers.

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  • Adoption service is free of charge.