16-12-2013 Charity Sales – Shirakabegura MIO Sparking Sake
16-12-2013 Peter Rabbit Fortune Cookies, Biscuits and Chocolate for Chinese New Year
13-11-2013 Peter Rabbit Butter Cookies
28-06-2013 Educational Advertisement Sponsored by the Government – “Rabbit Waiting For Adoption”
29-05-2013 New Donation Method Through Paypal
27-05-2013 Temporarily service hours change notice (08-06-2013)
24-05-2013 Rabbit-Turtle Adoption Day
20-05-2013 Educational Advertisements in Next Magazine
29-04-2013 2013 HKRS Annual Meeting cum Rabbit Fun Day
29-04-2013 In response about the 3 abandoned young rabbits
19-04-2013 Found 3 abandoned rabbits outside the Hong Kong Rabbit Society building main entrance
26-03-2013 HKRS Easter Charity Bazaar and Donation Event
06-02-2013 MaxiPro (Asia) Ltd. continuous to support HKRS in 2013 and help the abandoned rabbits
05-02-2013 HKRS “2014 Rabbit Charitable Calendar” confirmed sponsors announcement
04-02-2013 The delivery arrangements during the Chinese New Year (including online shop)
01-02-2013 Chinese New Year opening hour
01-02-2013 Momi Sales before Chinese New Year
26-01-2013 Hong Kong Pet Show 2013
11-01-2013 2014 Rabbit Charitable Calendar sponsorship application is begining soon