29-12-2020 Momi 最新農夫皇牌Farmer Pick 的4款牧草現已在兔協發售 / New series of Momi hay are available
28-12-2020 最新公告關於2/1/2021兔協資源中心開放時間 / New Announcement About Opening Hours on 2/1/2021
22-12-2020 男子留字條稱失業 冬至兔協門前棄病兔 協會:不排除報警處理
21-12-2020 兔協門口發現棄兔 Solstice (21/12/2020)
16-12-2020 2019-2020年兔協年刊網上閱讀版 / HKRS 2019-2020 Annual Booklet Online Version
09-12-2020 2019-2020年兔協年刊已經出咗喇!!! (免費索取) / HKRS 2019-2020 Annual Booklet (Free for charge)
01-12-2020 聖誕節及元旦假期服務時間 / Service Hours During Christmas And New Year
01-12-2020 聖誕節及元旦假期送貨安排 / Delivery Arrangement on Christmas And New Year
13-10-2020 最新訊息關於13/10/2020安排 / Updates About Arrangement On 13/10/2020
17-09-2020 國慶日,中秋節翌日及重陽節假期送貨安排 / Delivery Arrangement on National Day,  Day after Mid-Autumn Festival and Chong Yang Festival
08-09-2020 招聘店務員(兼職/暑期工不適合)
01-09-2020 關於付款方式最新消息 / Update News About Payment Methods
19-08-2020 19/8/2020 兔協中心營業時間更改通知 / Notice About The Opening Hours Of HKRS Centre On 19/8/2020
03-08-2020 有關是日大廈電梯及送貨狀況通知 / Notice about the Status of the lifts at Fok Hong Industrial Building and Delivery Today
28-07-2020 (*更新 12:05pm:其中一部貨lift已維修好,送貨可如常) 有關是日福康工業大廈電梯狀況及暫停送貨通知 / (*Update 12:05pm: Today delivery can be resumed since one of the cargo lift is available now) Notice about the Status of the lifts at Fok Hong Industrial Building and Suspend Delivery Today
20-07-2020 特別通告 / Special Announcement
16-07-2020 特別通告 / Special Announcement
02-07-2020 『政府派錢一萬』你哋有冇諗過點樣用呢筆錢? / HK GOVERNMENT’S HKD10,000 CASH PAYOUT SCHEME — What Would You Do?
08-06-2020 端午節及香港特別行政區成立紀念日假期送貨安排 / Delivery Arrangement on Dragon Boat Festival and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
23-05-2020 兔協網上義賣商店現正推出英文版本 / HKRS On-line Shop (English Version) Is Available Now
08-05-2020 現時兔子的消暑方法是否真的已經足夠? / Have you done enough to keep your rabbit cool and comfortable?