• Long-haired rabbits should be combed once a day, while short-haired rabbits need grooming two to three times a week. During spring and autumn when rabbits often molt, more frequent grooming will be needed.

  • Rabbit's nails need trimming roughly once every 3 to 4 weeks depending on the growth. If the nails are too long they may scratch people. Long nails can also cause imbalance of the rabbit's weight which may lead to sore hocks.

  • Rabbits prefer a clean environment; they are scrupulously clean so it is not necessary to give them any dry-bath or wet-bath. Dry-bath powder absorbs the grease from the hair but is not necessary. Although the powder may smell pleasant, the chemicals could be absorbed or ingested and affect the rabbits' health. Excessive use of powders will also make the rabbit's skin too dry and itchy and can cause folliculitis.

    A wet bath is not needed as it frightens rabbits. Rabbits are easily stressed and such a traumatic experience may affect their immunity and appetite. Rabbits can also hurt themselves when they resist a wet-bath. If water gets into the rabbit's ears it can cause otitis.