• Rabbits are herbivores; they mainly eat hay and need access to water but also benefit from a diet of fresh vegetables. Their diet should roughly follow the ratios below:

  • As rabbits are herbivores it is very important that they have a sufficient amount of hay. Rabbit’s teeth grow continuously throughout their lives so chewing hay can help keep their teeth trimmed and avoid dental disorders. Hay also provides cellulose to help ease the movement of their intestines.

  • Vegetables (it is preferable to have at least 3 different varieties every day to provide different nutrients):
    Suitable for rabbits Cabbage, watercress (beware of worms), white cabbage, Chinese lettuce,lettuce, parsley, Chinese leaves, spinach, water spinach, amaranth, tomato, green pepper, carrot (as snacks only because of its sweetness), etc.
    Not suitable for rabbits Cauliflower, corn, onion, garlic, chilli, or other spicy food, as well as carbohydrates like peanuts, potato, peas, etc.

    Fruit (as snacks only):
    Suitable for rabbits Apple, banana, pear, pineapple, papaya
    Not suitable for rabbits Grape, watermelon, lemon

  • When choosing pellet please check that it provides the necessary nutrients for rabbits. Below is our recommendations:
    Protein Fat Fabric Calcium Phosphorous
    12-16% Less than 2% 20-25% 0.4-0.6% 0.22-0.5%

    (The pellet should not contain any grain, corn or dried carrots.)

  • Sugar, fat and calories can cause illness in the intestines, obesity and other health problems. As fruits are rich in sugars, rabbits should only consume fruits and snacks very occasionally and only in small quantities. It is recommended that rabbits should only consume two cotton-bud-sizes of fruit in one week.
    ** Please note that vitamin drops, honey sticks, biscuits, hairball remedies, vitamin supplements, Pro Care Durchfall-Tropfen, pumice stone and mineral stone, which are available in pet shops, are not recommended for rabbits. **

  • Rabbits should drink boiled water only. Please avoid tap water and bottled mineral water.
    Rabbits usually need to drink 100 ml of water to every 1kg of body weight. However different rabbits have different requirements and tend to consume less water in winter than in summer. Rabbits should consume roughly the same amount each day without big fluctuations.